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Home Staging

I will stage your home to sell at top dollar. You will love me, and so will your realtor!

Trying to prepare your home for sale can be exhausting and overwhelming. As a professional organizer, I am trained to survey a room, several rooms, or an entire house and magically make the clutter and chaos disappear. What might take consumers weeks to accomplish, I can do in hours.

When I think about staging, I think about staging your home to resemble a model home where it feels comfortable, cozy, and inviting. Adding a personalized touch will help it stand out from all the others. When people leave your home, I want them to say, “Wow”!

Services Include:

• Advise on purging unnecessary or unsightly things

• De-clutter all rooms and move things to appropriate spaces

• Organize closets, cabinets, and pantries to appear spacious and appealing

• Rearrange and reallocate your belongings to present the property in its best light

• Add beautifying finishing touches to all the rooms

• Arrange for any necessary donation pick-ups


   Moving services

   Downsizing Seniors

Referrals are an important part of my success. For every person that you send my way that becomes a new client, I will give you a $25 Gift Certificate for organizing services or gift card to the Container Store–your choice!

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