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Needs Assessment

During this Assessment we will:​

  • Identify the organizing and life challenges you face

  • Discuss what’s working and what’s not working for you

  • List and prioritize your goals

  • Create a plan for your overall organizing projects

  • Determine a timeline for completion

  • Schedule the necessary sessions required to fulfill your goals


I will provide:

  • A fresh perspective and professional organizing experience 

  • An estimate of hands-on organizing sessions your projects will require.

  • Professional and innovative solutions to your organizing challenges.

  • Complete confidentiality as stated on my about page in the code of conduct.


Call now for your free 30-minute phone consultation at 832-715-9540 or using the form below to discuss your current condition and goals. 

Kim sorting and purging a cabinet
Before cluttered closet


Organized Closet
Lovely Dining Room
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