Preparing Flowerbeds for Fall.

The sweltering summer sauna days are past and it's becoming more pleasant to spend time outdoors. And when you do, you'll become critical of areas in your yard that you failed to attend this past summer.

The principles of organizing apply to your yard as much as the other areas of your life!

1. Find the area of your yard you want to tackle.

Start small. Trust me, once you see the results of a small area, you will want to do more!

2. Purge!

You cannot add new stuff until you really see the space you have to deal with. In this case, the trellis has to go (it was rotting anyway), and since there is no trellis, we don’t want the ivy. And the sunflowers are dying anyway, so take those out.

3. Oh my word! It looks so clean now! Maybe we should just enjoy it like this for a few days! It took a full hour to rip out the old stuff so we deserve a break anyway. And it was much easier to boldly rip out most of the plants and debris than picking through them all one at a time. That's why we call it purging.

4. Now we are ready to design the new area. Take a picture and a few measurements of your space, and then go to the nursery. If you have an eye for these things, you can pick out your own plants, but don’t be afraid to ask your nurseryman for ideas.

What do you think we should put in our Fall bed?

Some of my favorite fall flowers are pansies because they're colorful and cheery, but wait til late October to plant as they love the cooler temperatures.

Kim Miller

Professional Home Organizer

#organizingflowerbeds #fallplanting #purging #Homeorganizing #Declutter

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