4 Foundational Habits to an Organized Life

As I have mentioned many times in my blogs the basic process to organizing is sorting, purging, containerizing and then organizing. But it also occurred to me that we need to consider some basic habits.

These are 4 foundational habits to having organized spaces:

Begin by finishing the day right with these 2 habits to make the start of the next day better:

1. Clean up the kitchen every night. Everyone in the household can help with this one, but at the end, the counters should be cleared, the sink empty and wiped down, the trash taken out, dishwasher started. This one habit influences your mood when you start your day in the kitchen tomorrow.

2. Process dirty clothes! You don’t want to start the morning seeing dirty clothes on the floor. Clean clothes should be put away before bedtime as well. I take clean clothes from the dryer to the living room sofa to make sure they are not forgotten until the last minute. Mary Poppins would agree that watching your evening TV while you fold your clothes makes laundry day easier to swallow.

Wow! It’s so peaceful to wake up in the morning with a clean bedroom and kitchen.

Here are 2 morning habits that I have learned over the years that really help improve the mood and efficiency:

1. Make your bed before going anywhere. Before you make your coffee or put on your make-up...make up your bed! It only takes 90 seconds. Literally. And when you come back to the bedroom after breakfast, the neat bed will keep you in a good frame of mind. Making the bed might be a small accomplishment, but it’s very important because it sets the tone for the entire day.

2. Get dressed like you are going out, even if you are not. Dress for success, whatever that means to you. If you are still wearing your bedclothes, or changed into something grubby, it will hamper your motivation for taking on the day. Conversely, getting fixed up gives you momentum to have a productive morning. I know for myself that even if I don't leave the house "getting dressed for success" is the key.

If you don’t have these habits already, try them out for a week and let me know how they work out for you. Are there any you think I need to add to this list?

Kim Miller

Professional Organizer

Service Areas:

Montgomery, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands,

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