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Back-to-School Organization Countdown

Back to School Organization

Gear up and get organized for the new school year.

  • Gather school information and prepare a home for papers

  • Create a school-year calendar and

  • Schedule school-related appointments

  • Start back-to-school shopping and plan children's wardrobes

  • Streamline school lunches

  • Organize children's rooms and homework areas

  • Plan daily routines

  • Send the children back to school prepared and eager for new challenges

Here are some helpful tips to think about during the next couple of weeks.

1. Commit to making 10-15 freezer meals once or twice per month.

Food storage organizers

This will make your life so much easier by avoiding figuring out last minute meals when kids are tired and hungry.

2. Determine screen time limits on devices before the school year starts.

Three ladies

Free apps like Screen Limit and Parental Control & Kid Tracker will help regulate your kids’ screen time so you don’t have to. Set the controls to allow certain times and see that your kids are getting their homework complete.

3. Create a Drop-off Point/Command Center for backpacks, books, assignments and other school items.

Entry Way Command/ Drop Zone

•Weekly Schedule list and Large Monthly Calendar

•Framed kids morning and after school routine list

•Filing folders for papers

•Drop boxes for backpacks, lunches, library books, etc.

•Kids saved art work by grade level in totes

•Possibly add hooks, shelves, corkboard

4. Corkboard Storage System


•Phone charger


• Dry erase board

•Key rack

•Mail in/out


•Comfy Chair


•Clutter free Storage Systems

Student Work

Student Work Area Modular System

Desk-work space with movable


•Filing box

•Magazine boxes

•Magnets used

for displaying

•Supply box for:

Markers, paper, etc

5. Create a homework caddy.

Homework Caddy

When homework is done, cleanup is a cinch, and no one is ever complaining they can’t find what they need!

6. Choose outfits for the week for young children, then store them in a hanging organizer.

Kids Hanging Clothes Organizer

7. Take pictures of your child’s artwork and create a photo book instead of keeping piles of artwork.

Photo book for art work

8. Best back-to-school free apps to help you stay sane.

School work apps

  1. Here Comes the Bus for estimating arrival times

  2. MyHomework for keeping tabs on tests and assignments

  3. for quick vocab reference

  4. Brainscape for flashcards that won’t cause clutter

  5. Overdrive for virtual access to your local library

  6. Photomath to check your child’s math homework

As a professional organizer this is where my expertise comes into play to make your life easier. I do the work and the thinking and you get to sit back and enjoy the final result. Contact me here.

Kim Miller

Kim's Organizing Solutions


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