Downsize and Declutter

Preparing to downsize
Downsizing to move

“Living with Less is More" is one of my mottos.

Moving or downsizing can be one of the one of the most stressful times. Leaving a home - perhaps after 10, 20, 30 or more years - is thought to be one of the most devastating stressors in life, exceeded only by the death of a loved one or a serious illness.

Even the happiest move can cause anxiousness and frustration.

Lots of decisions have to be made:

  • Where do I start

  • How do I make decisions on what family members get what

  • Deciding what charities or organizations to give donations

  • Do I have an estate sale

This all becomes overwhelming and emotionally exhausted.

Do these excuses resonate with you as being a pack rat?

If so don't let them enter your new home.

  • . Impulse buying

  • · More disposable income available

  • · Need a bigger home for more space

  • · I might need it one day

  • · It’s a gift or heirloom.

  • · I might lose weight.

  • · Emotionally attached

10 Tips for Moving/ Downsizing:

  • · Plan ahead and educate yourself about what your options for downsizing.

  • · Give oneself at least 6 weeks to prepare for a move.

  • · Decide on what non-profits to donate things to

  • · Once you know what size home you are moving into start the purging process.

  • Paper Management Tips

  • 5 easy steps to clear out clutter here

  • · Decision Making: Treasures, books, photos, papers, etc.

  • · Tag things with different color stickers to detect certain items such as:

  • Blue is for items your giving to a family member or friend

  • Green for items you want to keep

  • Yellow is for things to sell

  • Red is for donate

  • Take pictures of sentimental items instead of keeping

  • Assign the garage or separate room for temporarily storing donations to make it easier for disposing later