How to Avoid Bad Cluttering Habits

Stay decluttered by not bringing excess stuff into the home.


  • Remind yourself that the empty spaces are peaceful, and resist the urge to fill them back up.

  • Try to pause and use other mindfulness techniques whenever you’re out shopping. Self-awareness is key- what thoughts are going through your mind when you shop and purchase something.

  • Be more mindful of anything you bring into the house.

  • Avoid trigger products such as make-up, bath and body, home decor, clothes, etc. What need are you trying to fulfill when shopping? Has it ever truly filled that need?

  • Find a calming hobby to replace shopping. Or, volunteer your time since helping others is rewarding and fills a void.

  • Enjoy simple pleasures in life or go to the gym instead of over shopping.

  • Unsubscribe to tempting online shopping subscriptions

  • Seek therapy for any underlying depression, anxiety, or OCD that may cause you to over shop.

  • Don’t beat yourself up for past over shopping or fail decluttering efforts. Stay in the present moment and realize it’s all part of your journey.

  • Remember God is your friend and pray and ask for his guidance :)

I hope this helps.

Kim Miller

Kim's Organizing Solutions