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Tips for Hosting a Graduation Party at Home

A girl at her graduation party
The graduate is excited at her graduation party!

Throwing a party to celebrate a loved one’s academic achievements brings excitement and stress. When you hold the party at home, you create a familiar, relaxing, and comfortable place for your graduate to welcome guests. Make it easier on yourself and follow these tips for hosting a graduation party at home.

Make a Step-by-Step Plan

Every successful event starts with a plan, and planning works best when you approach it calmly

and thoughtfully. Give yourself time to create a simple, easy-to-follow plan that helps you know what to do step-by-step.

Make a list of everything you might need for the party, then create a single page for each item. On each page,

note everything that comes to mind about that item. Think of it as a party brainstorming session.

For example:

• Invitations

1. Send postcard size; with an envelope; or send by email/social media

2. Places from which to order if mailing out

3. Guest list including addresses

4. Number of stamps needed

5. Date deadline for sending out

6. RSVP or Regrets Only

Set a Realistic Budget

Knowing how much money you want to spend on the party makes hosting more manageable. When you decide to celebrate at home, you add money to your budget since you won’t incur the expense of renting a space for the party. Start by setting a budget for things such as:

• Invitations

• Food and drinks for guests

• Cake

• Plates, cups, napkins

• Decorations

• Outdoor tent, chairs, tables if needed

• A box for cards and gifts

Create a Relaxing Space for Guests

Hosting the party at home allows you to create an atmosphere that reflects your graduate’s personality and tastes. To make a welcoming space for guests to relax and enjoy their time, you want to start with an orderly, organized area for your visitors. No need to panic if your home feels cluttered; instead focus on quickly organizing the places where your guests will gather throughout the party. There’s no need to worry about removing clutter from the bedrooms unless guests might wander into one. Removing excess items from guest areas creates a space that invites and relaxes your visitors and you.

By using these tips for hosting a graduation party at home, you gain the necessary tools to throw a memorable party that showcases your graduate and brings a smile to your guests’ faces.

by Jackie Courtenay May

Jackie Courtenay May is a writer, organizer, and adventurer. She loves bringing out the best in others so they can confidently pursue their life’s passion with purpose and excitement. Her book, The Organizing Box, is a practical guide to help you organize the spaces in your home.

If you would like more information on prepping and organizing for a party

please fell free to reach out.

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