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Ways To Prepare for Summer Family Getaways

By Jackie Courtenay May

Children playing on the beach
Beaches are great places for summer vacations.

Warmer temperatures, sunnier days, and the end of the school year mean family vacation time is around the corner. The anticipation of fun, relaxation, and getting away from it all often leads to last-minute preparation and hoping it all works out. Try taking some time in advance to ensure your vacation goes smoothly with these ways to prepare for summer family getaways.

Include Everyone

Make preparing for a smooth getaway a family deal. Including everyone in the planning and preparation gives each family member a way to contribute to the excitement with their own unique skills. Younger family members can gather items needed for the trips and sort them in piles, while older family members can help research and plan itineraries. You can use this opportunity to show everyone SPACE organizing for vacations and overall decluttering.

Set a Timeline

Take note of the dates of each planned summer family getaway date and then count back at least two weeks to prepare for the trip. Write the dates on a calendar the whole family can see or access, along with deadlines for each part of the preparation process. For example, at least three days before the trip, ask each family member to have their vacation clothes washed and ready to pack.

Calendar used for planning summer vacations
Plan a vacation using a planner/ calendar

Clean the House

Imagine coming home to a neat, clean home after your getaway. Plan time to dust and sweep, wash up the laundry in advance, run the dishwasher, clear off the table, and place everything in its spot before you step out the door. Close your relaxing vacation in peace when you come home, open your door, and a tidy home welcomes you.

When you use these ways to prepare for summer family getaways, you’ll feel more prepared and less reactive in the days leading up to your trips. Alleviate stress by tackling the preparation a little at a time in advance. Your future self will thank you.

A beautiful living room for summer relaxation.
Beautiful home ready for summer

Jackie Courtenay May is a writer, organizer, and adventurer. She loves bringing out the best in others so they can confidently pursue their life’s passion with purpose and excitement. Her book, The Organizing Box, is a practical guide to help organize the spaces in your home.

If you are in need of hands-on organizing to help with decluttering, I’m here to help.

Kim Miller

Professional Organizer



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