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Happy Client Reviews 

Clayton Garage Before.JPG
Clayton Garage After.JPG

  I am the type of person who likes to do things for myself.  However, for the past several years I have been too busy with work to get my closet and garage organized.  Finally decided to get some professional help and hiring Kim was the best decision that I could have made.  She worked hard and pre-staged items so that I could quickly go thru and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss.  Then she organized items into logical shelf arrangements that were labeled in clear bins for easy access.  In just 3 days I’ve now got my garage and closet back and it was worth every penny.

       Thank You, Kim! ~ Clayton Fox

Fred Before Desk.jpg
Fred After Desk.jpg

 I never knew there was such a thing as a Pro Organizer. My neighbor told me about Kim. I am 85 years old and had 50 years of boxed papers that needed purging. I couldn’t believe how Kim made the process less emotional for me. Kim also created a mail system for me so that I don’t keep creating piles all over the house. Thanks Ms. Kim.
      Fred M., Montgomery, TX


Joan Before Closet 2.jpg
Susan C Before Pantry1.jpg
Shawna Playroom Before.jpg
Jennifer Before study.jpg
Joan After Closet 2.JPG
Susan C After Pantry 1.JPG
Shawna Play Room After.jpg
Jennifer After STudy.JPG

Kim is amazing. She was able to organize my closet without me even being there! She brought organizing products that worked beautifully. I came home from work and my closet was immaculate and I can finally find things. 
       Thank you ~  The Woodlands, TX


Thank you Kim for transforming my pantry from chaos to order. Kim put systems in place using more efficient containers that stack well and save space. I highly recommend Kim.
       Susan C., Montgomery, TX


Kim has truly made an impact in my life by organizing my entire home. I have worked with her consistently for several months. She  truly helped simplify my entire family’s daily life. Before Kim came it took me over an hour to get the kids ready for mother’s day out.  Between kids, diapers, wallet, phone, I never knew where anything was and always forgot something when heading out. It now only takes me 5 minutes to get out of the house!


I would recommend Kim to anybody as she is very sincere, caring, professional and productive.
        Shawna T., The Woodlands, TX


     Kim is a remarkable organizer with a great eye for detail. Kim has a practical approach and can visually see where everything goes. She recently organized our office/craft area and I can actually find things now! Kim has a passion and talent for figuring out the best approach. She is never overwhelmed by a big job and makes it seem less painful. Her ideas are innovative and she is always thinking outside the box. I would recommend Kim every time.
       Jennifer, Houston, TX


Beth before 1.jpg
Beth After1 (2).jpg

     Without hesitation  I highly recommend Kim to help organize any home, social function or business affair.


I have relied on Kim to help me coordinate and organize many events.  Just recently she helped plan my father’s estate sale. She  took the lead in helping our family sort through my father’s belongings, de-clutter his house, and coordinate donations in preparation  for our estate sale. She was fast, efficient and very sensitive to our families’ needs and desires. She has great tastes, creative ideas and good connections that helped to make my party fun and entertaining. I trust her to help organize, energize,  and de-clutter any spaces and create events. ~
        Thank you – B. F.

Karen after  livng room.jpg
Karen After Living room.jpg

       Kim is definitely gifted in organizational skills, furniture arrangement, color schemes, and home decor! I hired her to help stage my house before putting it on the market. I had some ideas, but I’m not a creative person so it’s difficult for me to act on my thoughts. Kim listened to my thoughts and offered some amazing ideas of her own. She seems to be a natural at the work she does. Kim re-arranged furniture and pictures and also offered inexpensive ideas to bring my home more to life and give it that homey feeling. It’s difficult to find someone whose trustworthy and professional. Kim was a delight to work with! Once I get moved, I definitely plan to use her again to help my next house feel like a home.
       Thank you! Karen, Conroe, TX

David Before.jpg
Dave Dining Before.jpg
Before Terry 1.jpg
Sandi G Papers Before.jpg
David After.jpg
Dave Dining After.jpg
After Terry 1.jpg
Sandi G After papers.jpg

       I highly recommend Kim's Organizing Solutions. Kim had great ideas for decluttering and organizing my garage. I love to hunt and fish and she created homes for all my stuff and now I know where everything belongs.
       Good job!~ David R.


      Kim’s ideas for the organization of what to keep vs. what to donate were so practical. She knows how to get the job done effectively and efficiently while still making it fun along the way. Kim made moving so much easier for all of us! We seriously could not have done this without her. I highly recommend Kim! We will call on her again in the future!” With sincere thanks.
       David and family, The Woodlands TX


      I don’t even know how to thank you Kim for simplifying my family’s life. I knew that I needed help but I just didn’t know where to begin. My friend recommended Kim’s Organizing Solutions and I am so grateful. What I needed the most was to be encouraged and not shunned for my mess. Kim was so compassionate and patient and reassured me that I would be able to maintain the organization that she accomplished. My husband was a little skeptical at first and really didn’t want to pay to have someone organize what he thought we should be able to do, but he literally said, “Kim saved our marriage”. Lol.
     Thanks, Miss Kim.” ~ Kim Northwest Houston, TX

     My business has been saved thanks to Kim for transforming my office and filing systems. I had no idea where to start  so I called Kim not knowing what to expect. I can now find my papers with Kim's easy filing system and it sure will make doing my taxes much easier.
      Thanks Kim. ~ Sandi G., Conroe TX


Jezek Before.jpg
Jezek After.JPG

      I am so thankful I found Kim! She arrived and conquered my upper room full of moving boxes! We moved to a new house in September 2016 and had not completely unpacked as it was too overwhelming. Kim came in and sorted, unpacked, assisted in helping me make decisions on what to keep and what to toss or give away....really helped me overcome my anxieties and helped me move forward! She accomplished in a day what would've taken me several weeks to do! All holiday decorations are sorted and stored in my attic by season! She is awesome and actually makes the time spent fun! I'll be calling her again...I still have my office to complete.
      Thank you Kim!!!!   Jezek


Kim R. Before.JPG
Kim R. After.jpg

   Hands down best experience I could have hoped for in tackling my chaos otherwise known as my home office. Kim is so kind and patient but focused and she sees the big picture. I wish I would have called her months ago!
      Thank you so much. Kim R.

Ashley 1.JPG
Ashley 2.JPG

   The most used room in my home is my kitchen. I have spent years cooking in a unorganized kitchen. Kim came to my rescue. She made the process so easy, I didn’t have to think about a thing. I would have never thought to set it up in the way she did but I can no access everything with ease. No more clutter and items pushed to the back of my pantry and forgotten about. Thanks Kim! Can’t wait to tackle my next space.

Donna Before Lego closet.jpg
Donna After Lego closet.jpg

      Kim helped me organize my entire home including my son's lego closet and did amazing, but the best day was when she came across a home video of my deceased brother of 20 years that I thought I had lost. I can't even thank you enough. It was the best day of my life!


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