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Senior Relocation Services

Downsizing can be stressful and traumatic whether you're moving to a smaller residence or retirement community.
As a caring Senior Relocation Manager, I will respect your concerns, hopes, and fears and help make this new journey efficient and worry-free.

I will relieve the stress from your children and family of the responsibilities of organizing the move and packing and unpacking.

Planning for Relocating
The Process:
  •  Develop a plan and timetable

  •  Determine job requirements and furniture placement

  •  Assist in discarding and donation services

  •  Help disperse items to family and charitable organizations

  •  Provide home staging services

  •  Assist in paper management

  •  Pack, label, and inventory items

  •  Work with subcontractors and providers to ensure a     smooth, hassle-free move

  • Unpack and organize everything in your new home

  • Provide emotional support.

Call for a free phone consultation at 832-715-9540 or complete my contact form.

Kim's Organizing Blogs

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