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Moving and Packing Services

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of packing for a move?
Did you recently downsize and move and still have unpacked boxes and don't know where to start?


Let Kim’s Organizing Solutions assist you with the headaches of packing, unpacking, and tidying from start to finish.

My goal is to make your life easier and as stress-free as possible.

I have extensive experience with local moves and will help get you packed and unpacked quickly and efficiently with tender-loving care.


Moving Solutions 

 Pre-Move & Packing:

• Set the stage for a quick home sale

• De-clutter closets, garages, kitchens, and home offices to impress would-be home buyers

• Eliminate (purge) what you no longer need

• Contact donation companies

• Establish a file of important papers

• Categorize and list what’s been packed or stored

• Help arrange a storage unit for easy retrieval if necessary

• Professionally pack and label boxes in an organized system


 Move-In Unpacking Services:

• Unpack items in a careful systematic way

• Organize and put away all of your items in a functional manner

• Arrange furniture and hang art beautifully

• Create functional filing systems in your new home

• Provide emotional support throughout the whole process


And best of all, I’ll be patient, encouraging, honest and

make the process go smoothly.


Boxes preparing to pack for a move
Professional organizers helping move boxes
Packing and Unpacking services to make your move easy.

Professional Organizer


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