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10 Quick Pantry Organizing Steps.

10 Quicks Steps to a fabulous pantry.

1. Take everything out of the pantry and wipe the shelves clean. 2. Check expiration dates and pitch everything expired, stale or that you simply no longer use. 3. Group like things together and assign categories to shelves: keep soups with soups, cereals with cereals, etc. 4. Keep what you use most often on the shelves at eye level and easy to access.

5. Put grains and legumes into uniform wide-mouth 16oz. mason jars. Label the jars accordingly. 6. Install sliding pantry drawers for easy access to small items in the back. 7. Make use of the space on the back of the pantry door and hang a rack system, which can be customized and hung without tools. Various basket sizes can accommodate anything from small mix packets to 2 L soda bottles. 8. Maximize unused space between shelves, with shelf helpers such as under-shelf baskets and expanding shelves. 9. Use less accessible shelves for storing replacements of fridge Such as under the shelf baskets and expanding shelves. 10. Store heavy items, such as bottled water and soda, on a low shelf on the floor. If you have additional space you might want to stash some less frequently used appliances here, too. 11. Use deep shelves for bulky items like paper towels.

See more here about utilizing space for panty organizing.


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