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What to Declutter Weekly?

Clean and tidy kitchen
Spacious Kitchen

Countertops & Flat Surfaces

We all have countertops and flat surfaces which are great spaces for quickly putting random things because it's easy and spacious.

We go to the mailbox and we throw mail onto the counter, kids come home from school and put their back packs on kitchen table, husband comes home from work and drops his keys and wallet on the bar. Before you know it the counters are spilling over with everyone’s stuff.

The solution is everything needs to have a home. The important mail is put in a mail organizer( until you open it and then file accordingly). Kids back packs are hung up or assigned to a drop zone. And husbands keys and wallet have a designated tray for easy drop off.

Decluttering Tip: At the end of each week have a basket/tote for sweeping all the counters in the house. This makes it so much easier and less stressful to pick things up quickly and then easily redistribute them to the correct location.

Example: Whataburger bag to trash. Toy truck to kids room. Earrings to bedroom, etc.

Having cleared counters looks clean and gives you a sense of peace.

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