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As a Professional Organizer with over 8 years of experience, I have encountered ALL types of people and situations-from Hoarders to OCDers.

Many people gather ideas from Pinterest which is a great resource to a point. I would agree that we all want our spaces to look nice and pretty just like the pictures.

I have tried organizing spaces with pretty and expensive bins according to client’s wants and desires but end up using clear containers because they just work better.

Here are a few drawbacks of pretty organizing bins:

· Expensive

· Heavy

· Non-functional

· Bulky

· Non-transparent

· Non-Stackable

I know this may sound crazy but my favorite “Go To” bins are Clear Containers.

Most people would never think about using clear because in their mind they are

not pretty and seem boring. But in reality they look very streamlined, utilize space efficiently and very cost effective. THEY JUST WORK!! Promise :)

Shopping on-line or in-store can be very frustrating so I’m sharing pictures of a variety of clear containers that I use depending on the space. I hope you find them helpful. :)

My favorite and mostly used containers are The Container Store’s regular and men’s shoe boxes. They beat Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, Home Goods, and Home Depot’s shoe type boxes.

1 .Container Store Clear Shoe Boxes: (****My Go To Bins)

Perfect size for pantries, closets, certain drawers, garages, kitchens, etc.

Hold a variety of things such as food, crafts, batteries, toys, photos, crafts, etc.

Super cost-effective

Very durable

Crystal Clear



2. Container Store Handled basket:


One of my favorites

Ideal for pantries

Nice handles to grab

Ideal for storing seasoning packages, bagged beans & rice

3. Linus Stackable Binz:

Handles make easy to move

Exceptionally clear

Store a variety of things


*More Expensive

4. Clear Plastic Storage Bins with handles:

Sleek looking with open top


Contains a variety of things

Different sizes

But non-stackable

5. Smart Store Clear Compact Plastic Bins:

Modular storage set

Variety of sizes

Stack securely to maximize space

Look modern with clean lines

*more expensive

6. Clear Linus Drawer Storage Bin:

Available in 2 sizes

Great for bathroom or kitchen drawers

Clear to find things easily

7. Home Edit Stacking Bin:

Sleek Multi-purpose bin



Reach-in access

Integrated handles


*More expensive

8. Clear Stackable Shoe Organizer:

Highly visible


Stackable-shelf or floor

Space saving

Durable and strong

9. Clear Weathertight Totes:

Provide air and watertight seal

Protect from moisture, dirt, and pests

Super strong latches

Are you are struggling with trying to get your spaces purged and streamlined with the

right products? Give Kim's Organizing Solutions a call to set up a free phone

consultation to get you started :)

Kim Miller

Kim's Organizing Solutions


Don't Agonize Organize!

Images complimentary of Container Store

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