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How to Stop Compulsive Shopping and Excess Clutter?

How to Stop Compulsive Shopping | Kim’s Organizing Solutions

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Many people enjoy shopping and sometimes spend more than they should but this is not compulsive shopping. Compulsive shopping is distinguished by an obsession that leads to shopping and overbuying, resulting in negative consequences. The cycle of excessive shopping combined with a lack of control can lead to a number of consequences including uncontrolled clutter and hoarding.

Compulsive shopping symptoms will include:

  • Being preoccupied with shopping

  • Buying unneeded things

  • Difficulty resisting the impulse to buy something

  • Feelings of euphoria from buying things

  • Financial problems caused by excessive shopping

  • Guilt or remorse after a shopping spree

  • Shame, embarrassment, and efforts to hide shopping behavior

  • Shopping due to emotional problems such as loneliness or sadness

  • Spending a great deal of time shopping and buying

My Suggestions to help compulsive shopping and Excess Clutter:

  • Remind yourself that empty spaces are peaceful, and resist the urge to fill them back up.

  • Try to pause and use other mindfulness techniques whenever you’re out shopping. Self-awareness is key- what thoughts are going through your mind when you shop and purchase something?

  • Avoid trigger products such as make-up, bath and body, home decor, clothes, etc. What need are you trying to fulfill when shopping? Has it ever truly filled that need?

  • Find a calming hobby to replace shopping. Or, volunteer your time since helping others is rewarding and fills a void.

  • Enjoy simple pleasures in life or go to the gym instead of over-shopping.

  • Unsubscribe to tempting online shopping subscriptions. Amazon Prime is a leading problem.

  • Seek therapy for any underlying depression, anxiety, or OCD that may cause you to over-shop.

  • Don’t beat yourself up for past over-shopping or failed decluttering efforts. Stay in the present moment and realize it’s all part of your journey.

  • Endure: Don't lose heart. Keep praising God for his goodness (James 1:1-4)

Remember, overcoming compulsive shopping and excess clutter takes time and effort. Patience, self-compassion, and persistence are key to achieving long-lasting change.

If you need hands-on assistance, I'm here to help.

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