Holiday Organizing Tips & Services

Avoid Holiday Chaos and Stress.

Here are 10 Ways Kim's Organizing Solutions will

lighten your load and bring you joy:

  • Prepare Your Spaces Efficiently

  • De-clutter for Holiday Toys

  • Tree Decorating

  • Office simplifying

  • Organize Holiday Decorations

  • Streamline Kitchens and Pantries

  • Systematizing Play Areas

  • Create Task List & Timelines

  • Help Purge and Donate to Those In Need

  • Provide Storage Solutions

  • Pack Decorations and Label Containers

  • Be Your Best Coach ever!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Purge toys and games that your kids have outgrown or never play with so you can make room for the new toys and games that’ll be under the tree.

  • Go through all of your things and pick some items to donate or sell. Clearing space before the holidays makes organizing afterwards easier as there will be more space to put new things.

  • Toss, donate or give away ornaments that don't have meaning and bring you joy.

  • Take photos of your decorating set-up. I tend to do things a little different each year and think that the following year I will remember how I created the mantel or stairway but I don't! So take photos and save in a file on your computer.

Kim's Organizing offers great services for pre and post-holiday organizing.

Your time is valuable. I'm here to help.

Gift Certificates are also a great non-clutter gift for your loved one :)

Don't Agonize Organize!

Kim Miller


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