How to Avoid Holiday Chaos

12 Ways a Pro Organizer can lighten your load and bring you joy:

  • Prepare Your Spaces Efficiently

  • De-clutter for Holiday Toys

  • Tree Decorating

  • Stream-line Offices

  • Organize Holiday Decorations

  • Streamline Kitchens and Pantries

  • Systematizing Play Areas

  • Create Task List & Timelines

  • Help Purge and Donate to Those In Need

  • Provide Storage Solutions

  • Pack Decorations and Label Containers

  • Be Your Best Coach ever!

The Holiday season can be hectic and stressful so getting your spaces ready and planning family meals, work parties and casual get-together's is imperative. Then after the holidays Christmas clean-up, getting all the boxes packed, and labeled efficiently is important.

If you can use another hand and some expertise I am here to help.

Gift Certificates are a great non-clutter gift for your loved one :)

Don't Agonize Organize!

Kim Miller


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