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Closet Transformation with Top Organizing Products.

Organized closet with beautiful design for shoes and clothes.
Beautifully organized closet

Closet organizing can be overwhelming but using the top organizing products optimizes space and makes things pretty.

I recently had a newly divorced client who was frustrated with trying to get her closet organized. She had to downsize into an apartment and didn’t have the time to organize all her things while trying to juggle a new job and small children.

The good news is she didn’t have to do a thing. I did my magic in one day! Here are the steps and products I incorporated.

Let me know how I can transform your closet or spaces. :)

Closet Organizing Steps:

1. Sort

Use your bed and floor space for staging things. Sort all like things together such as shoes, purses, belts, hats, dresses, shirts, etc.

2. Purge

Gather all the things you no longer use and put in a donation box or toss is non-usable.

3. Space

Determine what things you have left and the best way to utilize your space. Look at the shelf space, floor space, and hanging space.

4. Containerize

This particular closet had decent storage space but she had about 60 pairs of shoes, some purses, and lots of clothes to organize. It gets challenging to utilize the space efficiently.

A cluttered chaotic closet.
Chaos Before Organizing

How to Utilizing Space efficiently:

The Container Store which has top quality products and a great variety for organizing closets.

I used the shelf space above the clothes rods to organize the majority of shoes and seasonal clothing into appropriate size clear containers.

A transformed closet using top organizing products
Closet transformed with functional products

After Decluttered and Organized Closet

A sweater box works great for organizing clothes.
A sweater box used to organize clothing

sweater box

A clear shoe box for containing shoes
Clear shoe box for containing shoes

shoe box

Over-the-door shoe organizer for organizing shoes behind a door.
Top quality over-the-door shoe organizer product

The back-of-the-door was a great place to hang a 24 pair over-the-door shoe organizer.

A floor shoe organizer works great for organizing shoes.
Floor shoe organizer how organizing shoes

I used her original floor shoe organizer to put the shoes she wore frequently.

A 12 pocket purse organizer works perfect for housing purses.
12 pocket purse organizer is functional for organizing purses

This 12-pocket purse organizer was great for storing purses.

A verticle 6-pocket cubicle organizer worked great for jeans and t-shirts.

Container Store Hanging Closet Organizer
Hanging 6 compartment organizer

If you are wanting to transform your closet

into a stylish and functional

space please contact me.

Kim Miller

Professional Organizer


2 Kommentare

Kim Miller
Kim Miller
04. Okt. 2020

Hi Barbara. I’m hanging in there with the craziness in the world. Hope you’re doing well.

Gefällt mir

Hi Kim. Hope you and your family are well. Thank you for the invitation.

Gefällt mir
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