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Spring-Time Tidy Tips

Spring-time is a perfect time to start simplifying your life and getting your

home tidy and organized.

Kim's 10 Springtime Tidy Tips:

  • Swap your seasonal clothing and purge. Start with a clean slate by donating, giving away, or selling clothing that no longer fits you. Worn clothes are taking up valuable space.

  • Dispose of worn plastic storage containers. Containers with a #3, #6, or #7, should be trashed because they are considered high-risk plastics. Also, be sure to discard any plastic containers that are scratched or badly worn.

  • Purge your refrigerator and freezer – toss anything that resembles a science experiment or freezer-burned. :)

  • Clean out the pantry and cabinets. Remove items that are out-of-date, re-organize, and wipe down all surfaces. Spring cleaning and organizing go together.

  • Update Medicine Cabinet. Dispose of any medicine that's expired and dispose of it responsibly.

  • Clean out and organize your file cabinets – With Tax time being around the corner now is the time to clean out your files.

  • Flip and rotate your mattress. Flip it 180* to improve mattress longevity and comfort.

  • Put Items away now, rather than later. It is very tempting to put something down rather than away. We tell ourselves we will put it away later, but then life gets in the way and it never happens. If you can discipline yourself to "do it now" rather than later you'll feel less stressed.

  • Create a summer gear mini-zone. Establish a spot in your home for summer essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellants, lip balm, and other items your family needs for summer outings.

  • Tidy your car. Clean out that dirty car's trunk, console, and glove compartment. Do you need new wiper blades or tires?

Let's start spring with joy and optimism. Every little organizing step feels good and energizes

you to do more. If you need more strategies to be productive and organized, I’m here to help.

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