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Spring Cleaning and Organizing Go Together

cluttered pantry

Cleaning and Organizing go hand-in-hand.

Here’s what I mean:

There is no point in organizing a space that is dirty. You will not feel good about your work if you do. You can’t really clean your place until it’s



  • Remove EVERYTHING from the space (ex: closet)

  • GROUP like things together so that you can see how much you have accumulated.

  • PURGE the contents – get rid of unused/unwanted/outdated items and donate.

  • Now ORGANIZE - since you have created more space you will see uses for new containers/shelving to make everything visible and more functional.

  • Remember to go VERTICAL if possible to maximize the use of your space.

Now to organize your cleaning.


I have a weekly cleaning schedule – by task, not by room. I don’t want to get out glass cleaner, for instance, every day. It is more efficient to clean all the mirrors in the house at once. The same for floors, or dusting, or any of your cleaning tasks. Besides being more efficient with your time, it also encourages you to visit each room more frequently, in your ‘cleaning mode’, helping you to notice items that have strayed from their ‘homes’ so you keep clutter at bay.

If time is a hinderance or you need a fresh pair of eyes to create more organized spaces

Kim's Organizing is the Solution. Contact me here.

Happy Spring Cleaning and Organizing!


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