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Clear Shoe totes Pro Organizer's #1 Choice?

As a Professional Organizer, I've learned that the Container Store's clear shoe boxes override any other store. They are top quality, transparent (see through), affordable and maximize space. Not only are they good for storing shoes but for storing endless types of household items in a streamlined fashion.

Batteries: There are specific battery organizing products but I find that they limit you to battery sizes and aren't efficient with space. A shoe box allows you to just throw the batteries of all sizes into the box and not worry about organizing.

Manuals/paperwork: There is nothing more frustrating than trying to contain bulky manuals. Trying to file them just overloads the filing cabinet and stuffing them in a drawer is wasting valuable drawer space. The "Men's Shoe Box" is the perfect answer for storing manuals that you think you might need one day :)

Small toiletries and medicine: Consolidating toiletries into one of these boxes will make it easier to see what you have. If you have an abundant of toiletries then maybe think about donating them to a woman's shelter. Using the shoe boxes helps keep medicine contained in one place. I typically leave off the lid since most medicine bottles are tall.

Ribbon: Storing ribbon really isn't difficult. However, I find that a lot of the ribbon organizers are very inefficient and cumbersome to store. The clear box is a great solution. I keep all spooled ribbon in one container and all lose ribbon in another. Be mindful about how much ribbon you buy.

Small toys: These boxes are ideal for storing small toys, including Legos. Children are able to carry the containers as they are lightweight and transparent. One of the keys is to label all the containers for easier clean-up. They stack beautifully on a bookshelf.

Doll clothes: Clothes for dolls such as Barbie fit perfectly in these small boxes, and makes for easy access, clean-up and storage.

Tools: Keeping a few mostly used tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, leveler, nails, pliers in these boxes will make small fix-it jobs a breeze.

Art supplies: There are plenty of expensive art supply products for storing crayons, glue, tape and crafts, but none of them work any better than simple, inexpensive plastic shoe boxes. Store craft supplies such as scissors, tape, and glue in one shoe box and then store things such as markers, crayons and pencils in another.

Kitchen gadgets and accessories: Figuring out where to put all those cool kitchen gadgets that we think we need to have can be challenging with little drawer storage. The clear containers work wonderfully for storing rarely used items, keeping extra serving utensils or plastic wear.

Photos: Clear bins also work well as a tool to sort and organize old photographs. Sorting and storing photos by theme, year, or event makes organizing much more efficient. No more worrying about old boxes falling apart and pictures going bad.

Sewing supplies: Maybe you're an avid seamstress with lots of supplies or just a novice who doesn't need lots of space. Bins are ideal for keeping supplies all in one container to prevent you from losing buttons, needles, scissors, and thread.

Kim Miller

Professional Organizer

Service Areas:

Montgomery, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands,

Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, Northwest Houston, Tx

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