Tax Time Checklist

Preparing and organizing for taxes


Let's end tax year 2021 on a good note. If you haven’t diligently compiled a file with your 2021 tax documents it’s time dig through those stacks of receipts and documents laying around the house and get your “ducks in a row”.

What documents you need to file your taxes varies depending on your situation.

Here is a checklist to help you ensure you’ve got everything covered before you sit down to file with a tax professional or with an at-home tax-prepare software. But more importantly is pre-planning and implementing a system to keep your documents organizing during the year. If you get audited, the value of having your tax paperwork organized skyrockets!

Creating a maintainable system for organizing all of your paperwork can really help ease the pain during tax season. You will be able to track receipts for deductions when you have all your expenses in one place for tax purposes.

If you need a kick- start to get organized and be prepared for tax season click here for six simple steps.

As a Professional Organizer I can assist with expediting your tax return preparation process by sorting and organizing all your necessary papers. Contact me here.

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