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Vertical Organizing in the Kitchen

When I re-organize a kitchen I always assess the spaces including the pantry to determine how to best utilize the spaces most efficiently. I love it because I get to use my analytical and creativity skills.

The large space above the oven typically becomes a catch all for the larger items we don’t know what to do with and then half of the stuff gets pushed to the back and becomes out-of-site, out-of-mind. This space usually has to be accessed by using a stool which also makes it more cumbersome.

So one of the solutions for maximizing the higher larger spaces is using vertical organizing with wire organizing racks. This is a solution to keep from stacking baking sheets and platter.

Vertical Organizing Solution:

(In this cabinet I removed the middle shelf & laid it on the bottom)

I used 2 different size racks in this cabinet with a total of 14 slots.

Holds cookie sheets, heavy platters, wire racks, cutting boards, pans, etc.


*Vertical organizing

*Maximize space


*Reduces clutter

*Quick and easy to locate


You may be wondering what we did with the stuff in the cabinet? Good question!

We purged some and relocated things to other areas that made sense.

Don’t Agonize Organize!

Kim Miller


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