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Compare Kim's Organizing Solutions vs. Kon Mari's Method

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The simplicity of life

Have you seen Marie Kondo in the news or watched her Netflix show? It is so cool that my profession is so popular right now!  They say that Goodwill and Salvation Army have seen a spike in donations since she became popular. Interesting facts.

It is funny how many of the things she preaches are the same things I tell my clients. We both agree, however, that many people find it difficult to let go of things that are never enjoyed, and only take up space and create clutter, and decluttering is an important step in organizing.

Kondo says you should only keep things that bring you joy. If her show has sparked your desire to organize a space, or your whole house, that’s great!  If you actually follow through and make your vision come true, I am proud of you.  If you are reading this, however, your KonMari fell short. Don’t worry, you can get KonMari'd without flying someone in from California. Lol.

I will transform your closet, your pantry, and your home so that the entire space brings you peace and joy.  Many of my clients take what I show them for one space and apply them gradually to their whole house.  Others ask me to do the follow-up work. Either way, it starts with a phone call.  Let’s get this new year off to a great start and make your house a place you love. Kim has the solutions.

Kim Miller


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