Living Minimally

living simply minimally

I have frequently written about purging, getting rid of all the ‘extra’ stuff that is obsolete, expired or adds no value. Or as Marie Kondo puts it, things that do not bring you joy. But let’s take it up a notch.

I think I heard this in one of the Veggie Tales episodes my kids used to watch, “The more you have, the more you have to have to take care of the things you have.” I think there is value in the minimalist philosophy; don’t have excess. Get rid of the ‘some day…’ stuff. Things that do have value, they do bring a measure of joy, but really, you could live without and they would bring more value, or joy, to someone else.

I have a friend whose grandparents died a few years ago. They never had a lot of stuff. Her grandparents had downsized a few times; therefore, they did not leave behind an overwhelming amount of possessions. My friend chose a Tupperware container that her grandma kept her chocolate cookies in and a couple little knickknacks that she put out in her house. There were many other things the she wanted but she really did not need them because the Tupperware container was priceless. I think this is true of many of the things we keep for sentimental reasons. It just takes one item, not a drawer of them, to get the memories to flood back.

  • If you are retired, this is a great time to minimize. Ask your kids which of your possessions they would want for sentimental reasons and let them take them now (unless you are still using them, of course).

  • If you have kids at home, get them to give away toys that are not their favorites, so that they can be the favorite of some kid somewhere.

  • Probably 10% of your closet space is taken up with clothes that you like, but you don’t really wear because there are others you like better. In classrooms and churches, they say that 80% of capacity is full capacity. Your closets and drawers probably feel the same way.

  • Sometimes you need to admit your mistake. You bought something and while it still has value, it really is not as great as you thought it would be. You don’t have to do the whole KonMari thing, just let it go so someone else can enjoy it.

Minimalist has a different definition for each of us, but the underlying principle is, having too much stuff in your life means less time you have to enjoy that life.

If you need help developing this habit, email me. I would love to be part of transforming your spaces! And I guarantee it will be pain free! Let’s have some fun!


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