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Maximize Space!

Maximizing any space can be challenging.

Everything needs a good home!!

As I always say, " Sort everything, decide what to keep in that space, what’s trash and what needs to be shifted to another location."


  1. Sorted and decided what needed to be shifted. A few things such as photo hooks, cups, and coffee pot I moved to appropriate areas such as kitchen and utility room.

  2. Sorted all the bags and tossed the inefficient bags. I put all large bags together, medium size bags together and small bags together and put them into other bags to keep them organized in the wire storage bins.

  3. Sorted all the different type towels and linens such as yoga and hand towels and tablecloths and folded them to fit into hanging cloth organizer.

  4. Moved the hats into master closet.

  5. Moved a few boxed items that were taking up valuable space in kitchen into this closet.

  6. Labeled.

My client tried this system for 2 weeks and said it worked fabulous!

Kim Miller

Professional Organizer

Service Areas:

Montgomery, TX Conroe, TX Willis, TX The Woodlands, TX

Spring, TX Magnolia, TX Tomball, TX

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