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5 Ways to Streamline Packing and Organizing for Moving

Movers unpacking a moving truck
Packing and Organizing for Moving

By Jackie Courtenay May

When it’s time to change your residence, the dread of moving can replace the excitement of getting your new place. Knowing these five ways to streamline packing and organizing for moving helps you pack away the chaos and confusion.

1. Decide Between a Self-Move or Professional Move

Whether you’re moving across town or the country, choices abound. Depending on your finances and personal preferences, you may choose to self-move or hire professional movers. You’re responsible for packing and loading the moving vehicle when self-moving, whereas moving professionals typically pack and load for you. Either way, plan time to purchase boxes, packaging paper, or research and contact a reputable moving company.

2. Choose What To Take With You

Moving offers a fantastic opportunity to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted items. Discover ways to downsize and declutter so there’s less to pack and take with you. As you plan, allow time to go through drawers and closets to decide what to leave behind. Whether your new residence happens to be larger or smaller than your current one, the benefits of downsizing before your move are worth it.

3. Take a Room-By-Room Inventory

Make an inventory list of each room in your home, including the garage, attic, or storage shed. On every room’s list, note large items within the space that won’t fit into a box and need to be covered by a moving blanket. Estimate the number of boxes required for all items in each room. For a self-move, this helps you purchase boxes and moving blankets by room and reduces overwhelm while keeping your supplies organized. For a professional move, this allows the packers to know what to pack into boxes or cover with blankets.

A dog sitting in a box
Choose what to take with you.

4. Create a Packing Schedule

For self-moves, consult your calendar to allow plenty of time to pack room by room. For professional moves, plan to clean out and organize each room for the packers. When you take each room at a time to pack or clean and get ready for packers, you minimize stress and keep control of the process.

5. Envision Each Box at Your New Home

You want to know the room where each packed box goes once inside your new home. Take time in advance to decide if the current items in each room belong in the same new room. For example, a bookshelf and books in your current bedroom might work better in the living room at your new place. Knowing this helps with labeling boxes and letting the movers know to place the boxes into a different room at your new residence.

Now that you know these ways to streamline packing and organizing for moving, grab a pen and paper and get started. When you unpack your belongings at your new home, you’ll be thrilled that you left the moving chaos and confusion box behind.

Jackie Courtenay May is a writer, organizer, and adventurer. She loves bringing out the best in others so they can confidently pursue their life’s passion with purpose and excitement. Her book, The Organizing Box, is a practical guide to help organize the spaces in your home.

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