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Labeling is Huge!

People ask me what is one of the top 5 things I suggest in organizing efficiently.


Labels not only remind you (and others) what goes there; they also serve to remind you what does NOT go there.

Even if you have clear containers and can see inside labeling keeps you from having to think and take the time to see what’s in the container. And for kids its a great way for them to know where things go when it’s time to clean up.

I find that the chalkboard labels work well with children because you can wipe them off and reuse and the kids like to label too. They are available at the Container Store.

Here are some labeling ideas and I’ve used everyone of them in different situations.

  • If you like the laminated label look I suggest the Brother PTouch label maker for a nice printed look. A label maker is good for labeling smaller containers like a shoe box but the label-maker takes more time and money.

  • Using Avery easy-peel labels work well and they are quick and easy and cost efficient.

  • For baskets I like to use these tags from Amazon.

  • Masking tape, blue tape, super sticky notes used with a black sharpie can work just as well if you need a quick fix

Kim Miller

Kim's Organizing Solutions

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