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Protect your Possessions from Natural Disasters

Don’t wait for a hurricane, storm or flood to get you in a frenzy and realize your possessions are at risk! The key is to prepare ahead of time for when that natural disaster comes up unexpectedly and protect your valuables and documents from possible water and wind damage by using plastic containers instead of boxes. Items contained in cardboard boxes don’t protect your possessions from water damage all it takes is even just a leaky roof or broken pipe to cause major water damage.

flooded cardboard boxes

It’s "better to be safe than sorry".

Take these precautions to insure your possessions are protected.

Evaluate household items you can’t afford to lose in the event of storm damage.

Container Store Weathertight Tote
Container Store Watertight Document Cases

  • Are they irreplaceable?

  • Do they carry monetary or sentimental meaning such as antique items, heirlooms or family photos?

  • Anything of value that could possibly be damaged by floodwater, roof or pipe leaks should be in a some sort of watertight containers such as the Container Store Weathertight Totes. They are ideal for needs around the home and have super strong latches with air and watertight seals.

Keep copies of important documents in zip-locked, waterproof bags, and then place those in Container Store watertight clear document cases for easy identification of the contents. They feature sturdy hinges for a lifetime of carefree use and snap-lock closures for security.

My Story.

Hurricane Harvey reminded me of an experience I had with a client last spring. A client called me last May to help her organize her stuff and I unknowing helped her family salvage lots of family photos just days before a major flood. We had no idea that this unexpected flood was about to occur. She had lots of lose family photos in a shoe box on her closet floor and I suggested putting them in plastic photo boxes and storing then safely on a shelf. She concurred that would be a great idea.

A couple of days later her home was flooded with 3 feet of water and she lost many things but her irreplaceable photos were thankfully saved due to my awareness. This is why I love my job :)

Contact Kim Miller to help you prepare for a natural disaster.


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