5 Easy Steps to Clear Out Clutter

Keep, Toss Donate Bins

SPACE is the best system for decluttering and organizing.

These steps are effective and have a nice follow-through.

Sort: This is the first step to take when doing a super clutter area such as closet.

  • Find a staging area such as a bed, floor space, table or spacious counter

  • Get boxes or totes to sort.

  • Sort by putting like- items together to see what you have

Purge: Getting rid of things is a must.

  • Create a decluttering system:

  • You’ll need boxes, garbage bags, or containers of some sort:

o Keep

o Trash/ Recyle

o Donate

o Possible shred and sell

  • Put signs on the purged containers

  • Ask yourself these questions when purging:

o Do I need it

o Do I love it

o Do I use it

o Is it worth fixing

  • Find an area to put donated bags

  • Call donation pick-up

Assign a home: Drawers, closets, file cabinets, folders, shelf space, boxes, etc. are homes.

  • Put things where you want them

  • Now decide the best way to contain them

  • May need to measure space to get appropriate totes or organizers

Containerize: It’s important to be able to find your items once you’ve put them away.

  • Purchase appropriate containers/organizers

  • Don’t have to be pretty but functional

  • Right shape and size is critical.