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January is "Get Organized" month.

January is "Get Organized” month and I want to encourage you to start. Let’s GO!

Maybe 2022 didn't exactly end the way you intended in many ways. How about focusing on your home in 2023 and restoring order since so many of us are working from home.

Procrastination is the enemy that requires elimination this coming year. And don't let fear get in the way either.

Here is my secret method to my organizing madness for every situation.

12 Easy Steps to Get Started: (If these steps seem daunting I’m here to help)

  • Get supplies such as trash bags, donation bags/ boxes, labels

  • Create 3 sorting bins and label: Keep, Toss and Donate,

  • Purging is the first thing in all areas.

  • Start with smallest closet or space first and purge items into Keep, Toss and Donate bins. Later take toss to trash and find an area such as garage for donate.

  • Go to closet #2 (next session) and repeat.

  • After purging decide if you need to relocate things to other spaces or closets.

  • Figure out what type of containers or shelving you need. May need to take measurements.

  • Get needed containers.

  • Start with one closet and start organizing things into containers and onto shelves.

  • Continue with all closets until you have achieved you amazing goal!

  • Give yourself a reward! You did it!

  • If there is anything I can do to make 2023 a great one for you please don't hesitate to ask.

Need help getting started I'm here to help.


Simplify your life one step at a time!


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