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Are You A Pack Rat?

Are You A Pack Rat?

15 years of stuff sitting in a garage. It's time to "let go"!

Reasons you might be hanging onto stuff:

  • I might need it one day.

  • A friend gave it to me.

  • It’s an heirloom.

  • I might lose weight.

  • It cost a lot of money

  • Emotionally attached

Why “Living with Less is More”?

  • Physical clutter creates mental clutter.

  • Gain more time

  • Reduce debt

  • Improve quality of life

  • Create peace in your life

  • Life is simplified

  • Less clutter to clean and organize

Minimizing Solutions:

  • Take a picture of sentimental items to help let go before donating.

  • Purge regularly. Find a space to create a donate bin/bag such as in a garage or closet. Every time you buy new clothing think of purging an item into your donate bin.

  • Create a list for grocery items and only buy what’s on the list (put blinders on) Lol.

  • Organize small spaces first such as a drawer or cabinet area in order to gain confidence before doing a whole room. Use the Sort and Purge process.

  • Use the “Flip Hanger” method to determine what clothes to purge. Hang all your clothes backwards and then after 6 months see what clothes you haven’t worn and then donate or toss.

  • Quit buying impulsively. Its proven that consumers get a rush when purchasing things that make you feel good but it’s only temporary and so that begins a bad and expensive habit

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