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Steps to Clearing Out Dresser Drawers

Let’s tackle a small project today, using our basic organizing steps – Clean it out, Purge, Sort, Replace.

CLOTHES DRESSER (This should be a 20 minute project)

Do you have a difficult time fitting everything back into your dresser drawers after doing laundry? This is a "red flag"!

To eliminate this mess I believe you should keep only the clothes you really love to wear. The ones that make you look good and feel good. Let’s fix this picture.

Steps to Clearing

First. Clean it out. Remove everything from all the drawers. I would love to hear what you discover, treasures or oddities, in the back or bottom of a drawer! It can be pretty funny. You can now wipe out any drawers.

Second. Purge. I bet you found some stray socks with no partners – get rid of those. You have a favorite shirt, but it has holes – do you love to wear it? Does it make you look good? Get rid of it. Perfectly good pair of pants, but they stay in the bottom of the drawer because there are others you would rather wear – put those in the donate pile as well. Let someone else have a chance to declare them a favorite. Give them life!

Be aggressive with this. You are NOT going to wear 25 t-shirts. The fact that some stay at the bottom of the drawer prove it. Remember, you are only keeping your favorites. Life is too short to wear lesser clothes just because you have not worn them in a while.

Third. Sort. Now sort what is left. If you are into sports, sort by sports. I love the Astros, but you might discover that you have 10 Astros shirts and, again, you won’t wear them all, so donate some so that someone else can show their Astros spirit. Group by season (sports or weather season). Your winter and Rockets gear ought to be in the spare bedroom. When it finally gets cold, you swap that drawer with your Astros and tropic clothes.

And last. Replace. Oh my word! These drawers are so easy to close now! And we can actually see everything in them! And look how much we have to donate! Think of the people who will appreciate getting something new for their own wardrobe – you aren't just helping yourself, you are helping others. And it only took you 20 minutes. Congratulations!


If you really dread doing this, or have more clutter than you are willing to tackle, that’s okay! I love organizing so I would love to help you out! I want you to experience the peace of an organized space so contact me here or call 832-715-9540.

Kim Miller

Kims Organizing Solutions

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