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Top Tips for Getting Organized Now

1. Write Things Down

I am an advocate in writing things down. Sticky notes tend to be my best friend as I can’t remember everything. I have them in my car, office, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Trying to remember is pointless as our minds are filled with too many to do things.

It doesn’t matter if you use paper and pen, or an app on your phone, whatever fits your lifestyle to help you stay organized is important as long as you’re writing things down.

2. A Home for Everything

One of my sayings is “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

This is easier said than done, but once everything has a dedicated space then finding items you need will be easier and tidying up faster.

3. Do it NOW

Procrastination can be our worst enemy. We may have good intentions but when we are pressed for time we just put things on the back burner. By dealing with things immediately will actually save you time and frustration later.

Take for instance the simple task of collecting the mail. Don’t put the mail on the kitchen cabinet to sort later. Taking 1-2 minutes to deal with the mail when you have it in your hands not only deals with it immediately, it stops it from becoming something you need to do later.

The same thing goes for picking things up around the house. Keep things put away as you use them. For instance, putting things in the dishwasher instead of the sink, after shopping put everything in their home instead of laying them around, hanging your clothes up instead of putting them in the chair, etc.

4. Pick One Small Space to Start

When starting the organizing decluttering process it’s best to start with a small space in order to see accomplishment and get motivated.

I typically suggest doing a drawer and then continuing on with the other drawers until they are decluttered and organized.

5. Donate or Give Away Clothing That No Longer Fits

We tend to hold on to old clothing in the hopes that at one point in the future, we will wear it again. You would be surprised as to how much space unworn clothing takes up.

People tend to hang onto clothing for sentimental reasons, excuses such as “I might wear it one day”, It cost a lot of money, etc. We tend to only wear what makes us feel good and fits. So do yourself a favor and purge those things collecting dust. Clear those closets!

Making small changes is often the easiest way of forming new habits and changing lifelong routines.

Setting a goal and making small changes is often the easiest and most effective way of forming new habits that will stay with us for life.

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