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Solutions for Gifts You Don't Need, Want or Love

how to purge unwanted gifts

A gift shows an expression that we care, kindness or heartfelt gratitude.

Gifting aims to build relationships and nurture happiness in life.

But what are you to do when you get a gift that you don't need, want or love?

None of us have tons of space for things we do not need or want. "It was a gift" excuse seems to be why so many people hang onto stuff and a cause for excess clutter.

If you don’t like the gift accept the love and joy the gift giver intended to come with the gift. Write a thank you note and then send the gift along its merry way out of the house.

Letting go of things you don’t need or love does not reflect your feelings towards the gift giver. So don’t feel guilty about letting the gift go.

6 Solutions for unwanted gifts:

  1. Return it. Or get a store credit for something you really like.

  2. Repurpose it. Maybe you received another bag and you have several already. Maybe you could use it to store other bags or items in.

  3. Sell it. Post on a Facebook market place page or use an app like Thredup or Poshmark.

  4. Give it away. Maybe a friend might be in need. It could make their day.

  5. Regift it. Someone else might love it.

  6. Donate it. There are many wonderful charities of all sorts for donations.

Kim Miller

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